Team vs. Time Premier Room Escape


Chicago is a host to a great new adventure waiting for guests. Groups of people can test their skills in a room escape game. The theme of the game actually changes based on the request of guests. They can assign groups to complete a mission within the allotted time frame. That is a big challenge, and will test them as they move forward.

Room escape missions are based around certain ideas too. These groups will be glad to take part in the missions to get acquainted with the ideas. The premier experience is waiting for people daring enough to give it a try.

Review the Theme

family funEach room escape game has a theme for groups to consider. Enter into a historical period or choose a more mystical path during the game itself. Each room escape is styled in a certain way people will appreciate. The game is true to its roots, and everyone likes that effort on location.

The Chicago escape room has become renowned for the work that they do in place. Groups will have to decide on which theme to choose before entering. That will be a big-time challenge for them to consider once they have entered. Check out the differences between Team vs Time Premier Room Escape, so you will have a better idea of which one best suits your group.

Follow the Storyline

The plot is an important aspect of the escape room experience. The premier room escape game is a popular project that people will follow. Get everyone involved and brainstorm ideas about how to participate. That simply makes the project more fun in the long run. The group will be more successful in good time if they do that kind of work. The storyline is captivated, and some groups really don’t make it out on time. That will put some pressure on them to succeed if possible. Some wonder if they can actually win the game at all.

Complete the Quest

hi fiveEach room escape has a themed ending that can take place. Unseat the Queen in a royal conquest or solve the riddle of a secret book. That will help the group achieve their ultimate goal of being the winning team. Groups will have to act fast because the quest is on a timer. If the time elapses before the adventure is finished, then the group will lose out on the game. The premier room escape is located in Chicago. Groups can travel to the city and schedule an appointment. The thrill of premier room escape is a reason to follow along.